Aviation 1 in 60 was created to help students pass through the ridiculous exam system we get today to fail most of us. Exams are meant to test our knowledge, but it feels like we are being tested for luck too. Yes, one might argue that if you put in enough work you can do it easily. Well, it is not always the case; even with all the effort, there are countless candidates who still fail. Which is why we are here to help with resources that can help you pass it easily and with a higher grading. 

Do you feel like there are always two correct answers in the exam? You are not alone; they are there to put you off. We can’t change the system, so we came up with a solution, to give everyone a chance to experience CASA-like questions, to train your mind to think like CASA. We are not giving the exact questions, but good enough to not get tricked by the real questions.